Las Vegas is all about everything that sparkles and shines. It's a city FULL of bling, some of which made its way to the iHeartRadio Music Festival stage on day one.

Let's take a look at all the performers who proved they could (in the words of Rihanna) shine bright like a diamond - not only musically, but literally.

1. Sir Elton John's regal jacket. This is exactly why he has "Sir" in front of his name.

2. Elton John's dazzling matching shoes. He just can do no wrong.

3. Adam Lambert's ravishing shoes. Just look at them!! They're amazing in every single way. You bet your bottom dollar he's got no time for losers, he is the CHAMPION - of shoes. And he rocked his performance with Queen.

4. T-Boz and Chilli's majestic microphones.

5. Chilli's marvelous bustier - get it girl!

6. Katy Perry's splendid microphone. It's pretty much a prism. Very clever, Katy!

7. Robin Thicke's glorious golden microphone. Everyone wants that gold mic - check out these fans! They are in awe of it.

Photo Credit Getty Images