Morning Update 1-25-17:


Although it may have seemed like the worst tornado ever in Hattiesburg, last weekend's storm didn't damage as many homes as the one four years ago. MEMA says the 2013 tornado heavily damaged or destroyed more than 900 homes in the Hattiesburg area, compared to a little more than 700 this time.  Of course, no one got killed in the 2013 storm. 


MEMA says it may take longer for the Hattiesburg area to recover from Saturday's tornado compared to the one four years ago.  That's because the path of the storm took it through a number of older neighborhoods where people had little or no insurance.  That complicates the recovery process as the state looks for long-term housing options.  MEMA hasn't ruled out using travel trailers or mobile homes again.


The MS Braves and the Salvation Armyare spearheading a disaster relief drive starting today.  You can drop off donations of money, non-perishable food, water, cleaning supplies and toiletries in the Trustmark Park parking lot 9-5 weekdays through Feb. 3.